We are 100% oriented for suppliying the finest premium quality bananas produced under the safest working conditions.


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The cultivation  process of the goodLiFE bananas.


We have a strong knowledgeable technical team whom carefully verifies that each farm reach the accomplishment with the optimal conditions for the bananas production. They are to keep a good crop management with an efficient and technical control of the Black Sigatoka (disease that affects the quality of the fruit and is caused by fungus), for that they taking care the place where the fruit is going to be cut.


After the area’s survey report, we proceed to order cutting the fruit. The fruit and products to be used for treatment must accomplish with specifications of quality parameters.

During the cutting fruit days, field technicians visit each banana packing in order to verify the quality of the fruit that is being cut. Processing and packaging, they establish corrective actions immediately, when it's necessary.