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The banana is the perfect fruit easy to digest for people of all ages. 


GoodLiFE is banana exporting company located in Ecuador. We are 100% oriented for supplying the finest Premium quality Ecuadorian Cavendish Banana, which is produced under the safest working conditions and with the minimum environmental impact. We have the required commit and passion that has resulted into the coming of our Premium quality bananas and services in the international market. We accomplish with all our clients owing to we give them the excellence in supply chain management from the field to the customer in the final destination. Food safety of our bananas is assured by monitoring from the plantation to the market with tools such as: quality system, field inspectors, statistic data of productions and chemical use.


The main reason behind our success is that GoodLiFE seeks to develop the banana production in Ecuador through quality and environmental controls in order to give to all our customers a work totally ethic as well as maintenance to contribute the quality of our exports. Importers, wholesalers and distributors rate our exports as reliable service and with the best attention to details. This attention to details gives to the customer precisely what they desire, because we know that supply the best quality banana to all our clients the fruit must treated with a very special care.  We are so proud for become one of the leaders exporting Premium quality of Cavendish Bananas from Ecuador.




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